Fruit and Veggie Bingo

Item #: 511600

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• 30 bingo cards (8½" x 11")
• 72 clue cards
• Master list
• Directions

For 2 – 30 players

Players will gain knowledge of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and their nutrients with the Fruits and Veggies Bingo game.

The laminated bingo cards depict foods that fall into five color categories: blue and purple, green, white, orange and yellow, and red. The teacher reads a clue card ("The sprouts of this plant are eaten raw on sandwiches or in salads. Nutrients: vitamin K"), after which participants guess the food (alfalfa) and cover its picture if it appears on their cards.

The game contains instructions for variations - making the game appropriate for all ages depending on which variation you use.  Use this game with school nutrition professionals during staff training events as a helpful review of fruits and vegetables, including the vegetable subgroups, and the nutrients these foods provide. 

Bingo chips sold separately:  Blue Chips/Counters 500 (#5027)