Garden Heroes® Activities Book and Plush Character Set

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Grow a love for fruits and vegetables in young children with the Garden Heroes Activities and Plush Garden Heroes Set. This activity book and plush fruit and vegetable character set features a book packed full of nutrition education information and education-rich activities, featuring all 35 different fruit and vegetable Garden Heroes®. Use the plush Garden Heroes characters to support the messaging and information found in the book, including:

  • Nutrition Bites: Information on the fruit or vegetable including Spanish name, where it grows, what it looks like, and how to eat it.
  • Heroic Facts: Fun and surprising trivia about the fruit or vegetable
  • Taste Adventure: A kid-friendly recipe for classroom or home
  • Superhero Activity: An activity in math, literacy, art, movement, science, or dramatic play relating to fruits and vegetables.

The book’s content is perfect for sparking an interest and teaching young children, preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary students about fruits and vegetables. The set is perfect for the classroom, childcare centers, and any place kids congregate to learn about healthy choices.

The Garden Heroes® plush characters are machine washable, feature embroidered faces, and durable seams. Characters measure from 3" to 7" tall.

The set includes an assortment of 35 cuddly, bean-bag plush fruit and vegetable characters to support the book’s content and to add fun and excitement to learning about healthy eating. The set includes:

  • Andi Apple
  • Adam Apricot
  • April Asparagus
  • Alonzo Avocado
  • Benjamin Green Beans
  • Brianna Banana
  • Billy Blueberry
  • Buddy Broccoli
  • Callie Cabbage
  • CeCe Cantaloupe
  • Carrie Carrot
  • Cody Cauliflower
  • Craven Corn
  • Eddie Eggplant
  • Gracie Grapefruit
  • Gordon Grape
  • Olivia Orange
  • Parker Pepper
  • Pixie Peach
  • Peter Potato
  • Pepe Pineapple
  • Roja Raspberry
  • Sadie Sweet Potato
  • Sammy Squash
  • Sarah Snap Pea
  • Spencer Spinach
  • Stella Strawberry
  • Tommy Tomato
  • Wanda Watermelon
  • Zoey Zucchini

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