Garden Heroes® Printable Food Packaging Labels

Item #: 900120

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2” x 3” thermal printable labels
400 labels on a roll

Build your school nutrition program’s brand by giving your prepackaged menu items like salads, sandwiches, and yogurt parfaits a professional, easy to use, and customizable food packaging label. One design with ample white space for customizable text allows for endless possibilities.

The labels are an economical way to spread the Garden Heroes brand with the ease and flexibility of printing labels on demand as they are needed. The labels use heat to print your text and require no ink. The labels are water, oil, and tear resistant and print up to 50 labels/minute with the Dymo LabelWriter printer.

Includes a downloadable, easy to use Word document template to customize the labels with specific printed text, like a food’s name and ingredient list.

Brand your cafeteria by adding your logo to your very own label!  Custom prices for labels personalized with your logo are:

50 rolls - $29.95/roll
75 rolls - $23.95/roll
100 rolls - $18.95/roll
125 rolls - $16.95/roll

For more than 125 rolls, call 888.455.7003 for a quote.


Food Label Text Template