Garden Heroes® Mag-Mount Menu Brd w/Magnetic Pockets

Item #: 208635

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Kit includes:
1 - 18” x 24” Easy Mag-Mount Board (#208500) (polystyrene magnet board with mounting holes)
1 – Garden Heroes® Easy Mag-Mount Menu Panel (#208530) (18” x 24” flexible panel with magnetic-receptive properties and mounting holes)
10 - Magnetic Vinyl Pockets (#599200) (2 1/8” x 3 1/2”)

Make displaying your daily menu choices simple and easy with the magnetic Garden Heroes® Easy Mag-Mount Board and Magnetic Vinyl Pockets. This kit makes it a breeze to promote healthy food choices by displaying your daily lunch and breakfast menus on this colorful, fun magnetic board!

The Garden Heroes® Easy Mag-Mount Board with Magnetic Vinyl Pockets makes it easy to show daily menu items categorized in compartmentalized sections reminiscent of a lunch tray and features fun, friendly fruit and vegetable Garden Heroes characters.  The board serves as compliant signage for National School Lunch Program regulations with the reminder to students to choose three menu items, including a 1/2 cup of one fruit or vegetable, and a program benefits non-discrimination EOP statement.

The 18” x 24” Easy Mag-Mount Board is a durable, magnetic backer board that the Garden Heroes Menu Panel adheres to simply. The flexible menu panel with magnetic-receptive properties easily peels away from the magnetic board and offers you the versatility to switch out the design to other menu panels, such as the Breakfast Mag-Mount Menu Panel (#208510).

The Magnetic Vinyl Pockets offer flexibility to neatly type or show photos of your menu items. Simply download the free Microsoft Word template, type or insert a picture of what’s on your menu, print, trim, and slide into the magnetic, clear vinyl pockets. Download the free templates by clicking here.The pockets can be placed on the corresponding food group sections of the Easy Mag-Mount Board (multiple pockets can fit within each section). Additional Magnetic Vinyl Pockets (#599200) are available.