Get Up Physical Activity CD

Item #: 300035

©2011 Brett Schieber

Motivate kids to get up and move more with fun, directional songs that promote physical activity using the sound of today’s popular music! “Get Up” by Mark D. Pencil and Friends features 15 music tracks that will inspire kids to make healthy life choices and promote social skills. A fun way for kids to get the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity!

Tracks include:

  1. Exercise Is Cool
  2. Get Up
  3. The Mark D. Twist
  4. Stand In Place & Move
  5. The Exercise Game #4
  6. Superdooperfoodalicious
  7. Do What Mark D. Pencil Says
  8. The Jumping Jack Song
  9. The Mark D. Shake
  10. The Run In Place Song
  11. The Exercise Game #5
  12. Run, Play, Get Out In The Sun
  13. Act It Out
  14. Clean and Healthy
  15. Teamwork