Happy Mealtimes & Healthy Kids DVD

Item #: 3532
UPC: 846742000157

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Run time: 23 minutes
Audience: Grade 11 - Adult

Closed Captioned

Comprehensive video for parents and caregivers, narrated by Katja Rowell, MD, family doctor and childhood feeding specialist. Based on the teachings of Ellyn Satter, this video teaches viewers that parents and children have separate roles to play in regard to eating: the parent decides what, when, and where food is served; the child decides whether or not to eat and if so, how much to eat.

DVD segments include:
• Here's the Big Idea: Introduction to the No Fuss No Fight approach to feeding (3:04)
• Consider the Child: Structure: when and where (4:40)
• Family Meals: Why family meals matter and how to get started (1:12)
• "Forbidden" Foods: Feeding challenges (2:44)
• All Together Now: Feeding tasks reviewed (7:20)
• What to Offer: Meal and snack ideas (4:09)

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