International Foods China Poster

Item #: 4536
ISBN: 1-57175-782-1

©2009 Learning ZoneXpress

18” x 24” Laminated
Appropriate for grades 6 - 12

Say “Ni hao!” to the foods of China! This poster is a feast for the eyes with an array of traditional Chinese foods, beverages, and spices shown in beautiful food photography. A variety of common dishes and ingredients are identified and defined, including American Chinese favorites chow mein and fortune cookies and authentic Chinese dishes such as zongzi, congee, steamed buns, and mooncakes. A variety of essential Chinese ingredients are pictured, including:

• Five-spice powder
• Szechuan peppercorns
• Tofu
• Bean paste
• Dried seafood
• Fresh ginger
• Hoisin sauce

Perfect for the classroom!