Kids 1 Great Plate® Game

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©2012, Revised 2018 Learning ZoneXpress

Game includes:

• 1 - 11” x 17”, 50 sheet tear-off game board that players can enter their calorie requirements on. Backside features MyPlate tips and fun word-based activities

• 114 laminated food portion cards with corresponding nutrition information on backside similar to National Dairy Council food models. (Please note that the Nutrition Labels in this game contain a simplified version and does not contain the entire information found on a label.)

• Game instruction sheet with bonus game and activity ideas, master list, and USDA calorie level chart

• The 2018 revisions include updated Nutrition Facts label design which includes the amount of added sugars, as well as ten additional cards featuring indigenous and traditional foods of Native American populations including wild rice, fry bread, and ground bison.

Games are geared for students of all ages.

This educational game helps students build a healthy plate and make it great with food choices from all five food groups. The 1 Great Plate® Game makes finding and building MyPlate meal combinations fun! Players are challenged to construct a healthy, nutritionally balanced plate with a fruit, vegetable, grain, protein, and dairy using food portion cards.

The nutritional games would work well in Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Life Skills, and Health and Culinary classrooms.