My Digital Life DVD

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Run time: 28 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned

My Digital Life explores the perils and possibilities of the brave new digital world. This thought-provoking video addresses issues of:

• Privacy and the digital footprint
• Misguided notions about multitasking and learning
• Value of being wired vs. unplugged

Are we really more connected or are we losing intrapersonal skills? Is this technology robbing us of our sleep, our free time? Is it controlling our lives? And, what should we be telling our children, ourselves?

Experts and adolescents offer powerful strategies to effectively navigate a rapidly growing and ever-changing digital world.


My Digital Life Video Worksheet

"A psychologist claims that contemporary teens spend an average of 53 hours per week on digital devices. In this examination of the “perils and possibilities” of the digital world, host Larkin McPhee explains that technology is not going away. Teachers and psychologists warn that teens need to think before posting on social-media sites: photos and postings can be accessed by parents, coaches, and others in authority. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to permanently recall or delete posts that may affect one’s “digital reputation.” Interviewed psychologists discuss the brain’s inability to multitask efficiently, even though some teens try to do homework and text simultaneously. Using electronics before bedtime can delay needed sleep, says another expert. Some teens confess they are addicted to their devices, yet most admit that face-to-face encounters with friends are most memorable. This may get teens thinking about their social interactions."
-Candace Smith, Booklist Review, January 2013

"An excellent overview of the challenges facing young people who are immersed in technology. With voices from students, educators, and psychologists, it provides a helpful digest of how to raising healthy and happy young people.

Provides a compelling case for setting limits, helping students understand the consequences of leaving a digital footprint, and the challenges of multitasking.

Yet, it provides a balance view of the affordances of using technology for creative and joyful purposes."
-Information Support Services (ISS) Director at The Blake School, December 2012