MyPlate Dietary Guidelines for Elementary Students DVD

Item #: 300020
UPC: 846742002151

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Run time: 23 minutes
Audience: Grades 1 - 6
Closed Captioned

Registered Dietitian, Melissa Halas-Liang, shows two students how some of their favorite meals can be both delicious and nutritious by using the USDA MyPlate guidelines. Key messages for each food group are explained while the dietary guidelines are applied to a variety of favorite foods like tacos, pizza, breakfast foods, and fun snacks.

The kitchen how-to segments are interspersed with interviews of real kids eating and talking about their favorite nutritious foods! MyPlate is the new USDA food symbol replacing the food guide pyramid.


MyPlate Dietary Guidelines for Elementary Students

"Learning ZoneXpress, a publisher of top-quality teaching DVDs, continues its excellent track record with MyPlate Dietary Guidelines for Elementary Students, an educational film intended for young people in grades 1-6. Registered dietician Melissa Halas-Liang shows two students how to prepare meals that are both nutritional and tasty, using the easy-to-follow MyPlate guidelines. Applying the guidelines to common favorite foods such as tacos and pizza, as well as breakfast and snacks, is a breeze; kitchen how-to segments are interleaved with interviews of young people talking about their favorite foods. Printable teaching materials are available online to enhance the positive message of this superb DVD, highly recommended for school and public library collections especially in today's junk food-saturated world."
--The Midwest Book Review, September 2011

"Registered dietician Melissa Halas-Liang shows two adolescents how to put together healthy versions of such kid-friendly foods as tacos and pizza. She explains “MyPlate” guidelines, which suggest one-half the plate should consist of vegetables and fruits, with the remainder dedicated to whole grains and proteins. A serving of dairy completes the meal. Halas-Liang introduces quick and nutritious breakfasts; discusses snacks, fats, and sugar; and stresses the benefits of exercise. Interspersed with these segments are interview clips of a multiethnic group of younger children talking about their favorite healthy foods (salads, fish, etc.) and activities (walking, bicycling, and more). The video begins with an unnecessary framing device about teenagers getting hungry while watching television before quickly moving on to focus on nutrition and food. Less-than-seamless editing transitions are a slight detraction; however, the program offers useful information to inspire kids to eat healthy foods."
--Lucinda Whitehurst, Booklist Review, August 2011

"Plenty of practical tips for nutritious eating and getting exercise are given along the way, and (in between each short segment with Melissa) younger children talk about their favorite healthy foods and activities. Of course, since it's usually the parents who buy the groceries, this will be a worthwhile watch for them as well." ★★★
--Video Librarian Jan/Feb 2012