Myth Busters: Simple/Complex Carbs Handouts

Item #: 4394-T

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8 ½” x 11”, 50 sheets per tablet, 2-sided
Appropriate for grades 9 - Adult

Side 1: Simple Carbs
Are complex carbohydrates just too complex for you? This factual handout “busts” the common myths about starchy foods while the attractive graphics present delicious and healthy alternatives. As an added bonus, the handout explains what to look for when reading the nutrition facts panel on food products.

Side 2: Complex Carbs
Do you have a “sweet tooth?” This intriguing handout “busts” familiar myths about a favorite simple carbohydrate: sugar! Learn to be aware of the carbs contained in refined sugars which provide calories, not nutrients. Also included are examples of natural sources of simple carbs that add vitamins and minerals to a healthy diet.