Myth Busters: Trans/Saturated Fats Handouts

Item #: 4378-T
ISBN: 1-57175-490-3

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8 ½” x 11”, 50 sheets per tablet, 2-sided
Appropriate for grades 9 - Adult

Side 1: Trans Fat
Get the dish on trans fat with this attractive and informative handout. The content clears up many questions about trans fat and “busts” myths at the same time. Several tips are given to help you recognize and avoid hydrogenated fats in your diet while reminding you that eating too much of any type of fat is not healthy.

Side 2: Saturated Fat
Good news! You don’t have to eliminate all saturated fats from your diet to make it healthy. This myth busting handout clearly and colorfully explains the not-so-good fats which are generally found in animal-based foods. Several tips are offered that will help when cutting down on saturated fats without eliminating them totally from your diet.