Nature Walk Sensory Pathway Part I

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When your students are fidgeting, distracted, or having trouble focusing in class, have students walk, leap, jump, and hop their way to focus through the Nature Walk Sensory Pathway Part I. This small set of whimsical, nature-inspired floor and wall decals features 5 different movements to help students burn extra energy to better focus and engage in learning.

The sensory-based exercises in the pathway are beneficial for all students, especially those with processing issues, stress, anxiety, and ADHD. Physical activity has been shown to improve student focus and behavior and increase academic performance. The pathway is designed to stimulate blood vessels in the brain by using muscle movements and spatial awareness to help students focus on the motions and movements that help reset and refresh.

The set includes:

  • 26 – 6” round ABC floor decals
  • 3 – 36” x 20” wall tracing activities (tree cross-section, rabbit, rainbow)
  • 1 – 79” x 18” heel/toe walkway floor decal
  • 1 – 24” x 28” magic chair stump wall decal
  • 5 – 21” round frog leap floor decals
  • 8 – 4.5” x 8” foot print floor decals

The floor graphics in the set are printed on durable, 3M Scotchcal vinyl film with a slip-resistant surface. The film features pressure-sensitive adhesion to guarantee fast, easy, and bubble-free installation and easy removal. The floor decals be adhered to a variety of indoor surfaces including tile, sealed concrete, Terrazzo, ceramic, finished wood, and low-pile secured floor carpet.

The wall decals in the set are printed on repositionable vinyl film suited for smooth interior walls, painted drywall, glass, or metal and is repositionable up to 2-3 times before the adhesive backing loses tackiness.
For indoor use only.

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