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Picky Eating Solutions Poster

Item #: 420218 UPC: 846742007385

18” x 24” Laminated

Picky eating can be a child's first step toward independence. Kids may use food as power, which can make mealtimes challenging. What can parents and caregivers do to make mealtimes happier? Use the tips and advice found on the Picky Eating Solutions Poster to prevent food battles. This vibrant poster highlights the feeding rules or the division of responsibility between children and adults, suggestions for a happier mealtime environment, ways to make food fun, suggestions for trying new foods, and strategies and practices to avoid, such as bribing, using dessert as a reward, and forcing a child to eat.

Also available as a handout:  Picky Eating Solutions Handouts (#470218)

2017 Merit Health Information Award


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