Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job DVD

Item #: 3522
ISBN: 1-57175-978-6

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Run time: 24 minutes
Audience: Grade 9 - Adult
Closed Captioned

What are transferable skills and why do we need them? They are skills acquired throughout your life that can be used at any job. Filmed in a sitcom format, like "The Office", this entertaining and informative DVD explains important job transferable skills including communication skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.


Landing and Keeping a Job Video Worksheet

“…well presented, with eye-catching scenarios and valuable information.”
--Library Media Connection, October, 2010

"An invaluable and instructive resource enhanced by included teaching materials, Secrets of Landing and Keeping a Job is very strongly recommended especially for school and public library collections, particularly given current tough economic times."
--James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review 2010

"Students had no problem being able to identify the top three transferable skills after watching the video. They were also able to describe work, school, community, and family experiences that can help individuals gain these skills."
--Susan Turgeson, FACS Teacher at Menomonie High School, Menomonie, WI

"It was a fun way to learn about transferable skills. I liked the format. I almost forgot I was watching an educational video."
--Junior at Menomonie High School, Menomonie, WI