Stop Traffick: Human Trafficking in America DVD

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Total run time: 35 minutes
• Stop Traffick short film: 14:31
• Human Trafficking in America: 20:33

Audience: Grade 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned

Human trafficking is the business of slavery – buying, owing, and selling people – and there are more people facing this reality today than at any other point in history. Uncover the horrifying and heartbreaking underworld of human slavery through this fictional short film.

While the story accurately illustrates trafficking in America, it also demonstrates there is plenty of reason to hope. The tide is turning. We CAN end modern-day slavery in our lifetime.

The DVD also includes interviews with the film’s producers, actors Stephen Baldwin (Usual Suspects) and Lauren Sweetser (Winter’s Bone), as well as a mother of a teenage trafficking victim and Dan Emr, founder and executive director of Worthwhile Wear, an organization that rescues girls from forced prostitution and gives them opportunities to overcome poverty through vocational training. The interviews help give real-life context to this urgent human rights issue.


Stop Traffick Video Worksheet

"Intended for grade 6 to adult viewers, Stop Traffick: Human Trafficking in America is a fictional short film on DVD about the modern-day slavery in America. The horrifying truth is that criminal human trafficking rings, usually specializing in forced or child prostitution, remain over 150 years after slavery was legally outlawed. But there is hope; in addition to law enforcement efforts, there are non-governmental organizations such as Worthwhile Wear that work to rescue victims of forced prostitution, and aids them with vocational training. Interviews with the film's producers, actors, the mother of a teenage trafficking victim, and Worthwhile Wear founder Dan Emr complement this chilling yet educational movie. A "must-have" especially for public library collections."
--The Midwest Book Review, August 2014

Stop Traffick begins with the titular fictional short film, which stars Stephen Baldwin as a member of a secret network that extracts young women from a life of servitude and delivers them to a safe haven. Written and directed by Wes Halula, the story follows a frantic mother who is trying to locate and bring home her daughter, now a sex slave kept under the watchful eye of brutal pimps. A powerful look at a human rights issue that is more often associated with Far Eastern countries such as Thailand…” ★★★½ Highly recommended.
--Video Librarian, Nov/Dec, 2014