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Think Before You Drink DVD

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Total run time: 25 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned

What we choose to quench our thirst matters more than you might think. Beverages are the single largest source of calories in the average American diet and their contribution often goes largely unnoticed. Soft drinks, sweetened teas, specialty coffee drinks, sports drinks, fruit-flavored juices, and energy drinks are the sugary, empty-calorie culprits contributing to rising rates of obesity and other chronic diseases. Discover the best beverage bets and learn more about how to make healthy choices through short video segments, including:

• Sugar Shockers: A Sour Choice (4:47)
• Sports Drinks and Performance (3:27)
• Water That Isn't H2O (3:25)
• Energy Drinks and Caffeine (6:50)
• Healthy Beverages = Healthy You (6:43)


Think Before You Drink Worksheet

"...Packed with solid information about the pros and cons of drinking all sorts of popular beverages, Think Before You Drink delivers a lot of eye-opening facts. For example, an ordinary can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, which not only carries a high calorie count but also can be harmful to teeth and bone, and lead to cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Sugar also spurs an energy spike followed by a crash, which encourages consumers to keep drinking more. Artificial sweeteners in sodas have drawbacks as well, driving up the tolerance for sweets and leading to overeating. Other beverages marketed as being healthy also receive close scrutiny here, including "sports drinks" (full of sugars), vitamin-enhanced waters (also featuring addictive sugars), and energy drinks such as Red Bull (loaded with sugar and caffeine). Caffeine can also contribute to calcium loss, increased blood pressure, and digestion issues. A half-dozen teenagers are asked a variety of questions related to their perceptions of good and bad beverages; unsurprisingly, they are as wrong in their assumptions as many adult consumers."
--Video Librarian, July 2014

"…Printable teaching materials online at complement Think Before You Drink: Sugar Shockers & Beverage Tips, an educational DVD for viewers of all ages, about the harmful way in which high-sugar drinks affect the average American diet (alcoholic drinks are not covered in this DVD). From why sugary sport drinks can actually be deleterious to performance, to the jitters and sleep disturbance of caffeinated energy drinks, to how sugar soda contributes to obesity, to recommendations for healthy beverages, Think Before You Drink is an excellent contribution to public and school library DVD collections. 25 min. closed-captioned."
--The Midwest Book Review, March 2014


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