USDA MyPlate Poster

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18” x 24” Laminated

MyPlate is the USDA food symbol that replaced the food guide pyramid that teachers and nutritionists are using to promote healthy eating. Our USDA MyPlate Poster has been a hit in classrooms for all ages, lunchrooms and cafeterias and waiting rooms. The simplicity of the nutrition graphic is perfect for kids and busy adults.

The bright and colorful USDA MyPlate Poster highlights how to build a healthy menu and diet with tips for selecting the best choices within each food group. Additional tips include importance of fruits and vegetables, portion control and instilling a love of healthy choices.

USDA MyPlate Poster Learning Objectives:
Based on and the UDSA Dietary Guidelines, our MyPlate poster promotes healthy choices and healthy eating habits. Specifically the poster promotes Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Proteins and Whole Grains in healthy proportions.

Specific healthy tips include:
• Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
• Switch to skim or 1 percent milk
• Make at least half your grains whole
• Vary your protein food choices

Popular Uses:
• Classrooms
• School Lunchrooms
• Workplace Cafeterias
• Waiting Rooms
• Childcare Centers
• Bulletin Boards

Also available in Spanish: USDA MyPlate Spanish Poster (#415106)