Vegetable Garden Heroes® Endura-Poly Poster Set

Item #: 410360

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Set of six 18” x 24” Endura-Poly posters

Posters are printed on Endura-Poly, an innovative long-lasing tear resistant, waterproof, and durable material. The posters have a satin finish to reduce glare, are scratch resistant, and do not curl when unrolled.  The posters are resistant smudges and fingerprints and tape will easily peel away from the Endura-Poly surface without damage.

Freshen up interior spaces while promoting healthy food choices with the Vegetable Garden Heroes® Endura-Poly Poster Set. The poster set features illustrated veggie Garden Heroes characters and silly puns that’ll be sure to get people of all ages to smile and giggle.

Make a statement by displaying the whole poster set at once or pair the poster set with a Snap Frame (sold separately) to help keep interior spaces feeling fresh and interesting by rotating poster images weekly or monthly.

This poster set can help give your cafeteria a cohesive, branded look that appeals to elementary-aged students when displayed with all our Garden Heroes themed signage.

Set includes:
Broccoli Garden Hero Poster (#410353)
Kale Garden Hero Poster (#410354)
Cauliflower Garden Hero Poster (#410355)
Carrot Garden Hero Poster (#410356)
Corn Garden Hero Poster (#410357)
Tomato Garden Hero Poster (#410358)

A matching Fruit Garden Heroes® Endura-Poly Poster Set(#410359) also is available.