Wardrobe Planning: Dressing for Your Body Type DVD

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Total run time: 23 minutes
Audience: Grade 7 - Adult
Closed Captioned

Looking for expert advice to dress your best with flattering clothing styles for all body types? Join wardrobe stylist and personal shopper Carly Gatzlaff as she takes viewers through the basics of dressing for your body type by creating a flattering, put-together look that is uniquely you. Wardrobe Planning: Dressing for Your Body Type is a compilation of video segments that cover a variety of hints and tips for both women and men to dress and look your best, including:

• Shopping strategies and clothing quality (6:16)
• Dressing for your body type (6:06)
• Using color and pattern (4:30)
• Accessorizing your look (5:48)


Wardrobe Planning Video Worksheet